Configuring Plugin

By now, you might be aware of NPSettings. In-case if its new to you, read this post.

In your Unity project, If Network Connectivity is not enabled, enable by below steps. 1. Open NPSettings and select Application Settings. 2. Under supported features section, Enable Uses Network Connectivity checkbox and Save (see button at bottom).

Once you have Network Connectivity feature enabled, select Network Connectivity Settings. Let us take a brief look into it:

  • IP Address – Server IP address to which reachability needs to be checked.

  • Editor & Android Settings



Time Out Period

Specify the timeout for checking connectivity status.


Specify port you want to connect to.

Max Retry Count

Count till which retry needs to be done to report a status.

Time Gap Between Polling

Time gap that needs to be considered for two successive pings.

On Editor, connectivity check uses ping class. On iOS & Android its done with sockets.