Configuring Plugin

By now, you might be aware of NPSettings. Incase if its new to you, read this post.

In your Unity project, If Cloud Services is not enabled, enable by below steps. 1. Open NPSettings and select Application Settings. 2. Under supported features section, Enable Uses Cloud Services checkbox. 3. On Android, Cloud Services uses Google Play Services to sign-in. So you need to enable Game Services Feature as well. 4. Save your changed settings (you can find save button at bottom of inspector).

Once you have Cloud Services feature enabled, select Cloud Services Settings. Let us take a brief look into it: ‚Äč

  1. Android Settings:

    • Sync Interval : By default this is 10 seconds. For every 10 seconds, it tries to communicate with server if any changes are available. It syncs the data and fire an event if any external changes are found. You can set this to a value which is optimal for your game.

This setting is not avaialble on iOS as, iOS internally maintains automatic sync timer and is not exposed by the platform. So, no need to do any on iOS.