AdMob included unity-jar-resolver project. This aims at resolving duplicate inclusion of Android libraries.

This will be very much helpful if you have multiple projects which may depend on Google Play Services and support libraries.

will soon switch to using Unity Jar Resolver project in the coming updates.

This post describes on how to fix the issues related to integration of AdMob plugin into your project.

  1. Switch to Android Platform on Unity

  2. Import and AdMob plugins into your project.

  3. After importing, you might get some compile errors as there could be mismatch of Google Jar Resolver Project. If so, check below for solution.


To resolve the compilation error, do as below

  1. Delete PlayServicesResolver folder under Assets folder.

  2. Reimport AdMob plugin and import only PlayServicesResolver folder in the import panel. This is because AdMob has latest Google Jar Resolver project(1.2.2) ‚Äč

  3. Update NPAndroidLibraryDependencies.cs available in Assets/VoxelBusters/NativePlugins/Editor folder.

Thats it!