• Only Non-Consumable/Managed products can be restored on all platforms. Consumable/Non-Managed products are not restorable.

  • On Android, setting up public key is must to use Billing feature.

  • Make sure you test with Sandbox account on iOS and Beta/Alpha published app on Android.

  • In case you have your own receipt verification, don't forget to call "OnCustomVerificationFinished" on BillingTransaction instance once you are done verifying.

I'm not receiving any callbacks after i call BuyProduct. What needs to be done?

This happens if you don't register to the events. Make sure you register to Billing.DidFinishProductPurchaseEvent

My app got rejected for not having restore button. Whats the solution?

If you have non-consumable purchases, its a MUST to add a restore button with in your app. We provide RestoreCompletedTransactions method under Billing feature. Just register for Billing.DidFinishRestoringPurchasesEvent event and RestoreCompletedTransactions method. It will give a list of restored transactions.

I'm unable to test in-app purchases. What's wrong?

For testing functionalities you need to setup Sandbox test user accounts in iTunes Connect and also ensure that you are logged out of the Store if using your real account on physical device.

Are there any steps on getting billing setup and testing it right?

First make sure you fill the Public Key in NPSettings -> Billing Settings - > Android section. For getting the public key, you need to

  • Setup Google Merchant Account and get it ready.

  • Upload your signed APK atleast once in to the store.

You can find public key under Services & API -> LICENSING & IN-APP BILLING section of Google Play Developer Console under your application.

Make sure you use the right keystore as google may not allow to sign with a different one later on once uploaded.

Once you are done with the basic setup as above, follow the below steps for getting it ready for testing.

  • Make sure your app is "PUBLISHED" (in-stead of DRAFT) in Alpha/Beta mode for testing the In-App Purchases.

  • Pass on the Opt-in URL to your testers and let them register through it first before testing. They need to click on "Become a Tester" button to get registered. ‚Äč

  • Make sure your current testing APK's bundle identifier, version code , version name and the one uploaded for testing are same.

  • Keep your In-App products in Active State.

  • You may need to wait for couple of hours once you publish the beta for starting testing.

  • As you are not allowed to upload debug build, just make a debug build and install it on your device. Make sure you have same version code and version name as the one on play store Beta/Alpha APK.

  • You are not allowed to test with Publisher Account. So, have an eye on that.

After requesting for Billing Products, I get an empty list. What could be the reason?

This happens if the setup goes wrong. Make sure you are have followed the steps mentioned above.

Am I chargeable while testing In-App purchases?

No, You will get refunded after 14-20 days. Adding Credit/Debit card details is must for testing IAP. However, you don't need to worry. Your testers will get the refund.