Soomla Grow

Soomla Grow Analytics

Events possible with are tracked automatically once Soomla Grow Analytics Add-On is enabled.


Enable Soomla Add-On Service as below : 1. Open NPSettings from Window -> Voxel Busters -> Native Plugins -> Select NPSettings 2. Select Application Settings -> Supported Add-On Features section 3. Enable Soomla Grow and Click on Save. 4. Download Soomla Grow if not automatically downloaded. 5. Once enabled, click on AddOn Services Settings. 6. Set Game Key and Environment Key you got from Soomla website. 7. Save the settings.


By enabling the Add-on, our plugin automatically starts tracking and report to soomla. Please make sure you entered the correct Keys in NPSettings.

Events tracked internally are

Billing Events

  • Billing Supported

  • Billing Not Supported

  • Billing Purchase Started

  • Billing Purchase Finished

  • Billing Purchase Cancelled

  • Billing Purchase Failed

  • Billing Purchase Restore Started

  • Billing Purchase Restore Finished

  • Billing Purchase Verification Failed

Social Events

  • Social Login Started

  • Social Login Finished

  • Social Login Cancelled

  • Social Login Failed

  • Social Logout Started

  • Social Logout Finished

  • Social Logout Failed

  • Social Action Started and its type





    • GET_FEED

  • Social Action Finished

  • Social Action Cancelled

  • Social Action Failed

Game Services Events

  • Latest Score

Misc Events

  • Get Contacts Started for Provider

  • Get Contacts Finished for Provider

  • Get Contacts Failed for Provider

  • User Rating