Hi, We released Cross Platform Native Plugins 2.0 : Essential Kit last month and going forward we keep our total efforts in the new version. We hope you welcome the new version similar to how you accepted our older one and happy to share that we successfully provided free upgrades for past 5 years. But, Unfortunately this isn't working as a business model. The reason being we working full time on the asset, to provide updates and constant support, we need to revise the business model. Our new version 2.0 will be having an upgrade price while offering a huge discount of > 50% for our existing users. We sincerely want to have the product long term and to be honest we don't have any kind of plans to drop it. We have a long list of plans for the new version. Being said that, the new version gives us scope to make the workflows better as lot got changed overtime and it gave us opportunity to add feedback given by you guys. We kept a grace period of 90 days which we feel is fair and the upgrade price will definitely give a lot back in return over time. Hope you understand the reason for the decision and request your support. Also, in-case of any queries, please ping us on discord Upgrade notes for v1 Support : Discord (Please get the link from the product page) Note: The new version has some API changes for better workflow and please go through the changes in the upgrade notes for planning the upgrade. V1 is still usable for some time but just that it won't have further updates. We recommend to update to 2.0 Regards, VB Team

Cross Platform Native Plugins a true cross platform tool for Unity which provides unique and unified way to access native functionality on mobile platforms.

Feature set:



Address Book

Gives access to device's Address Book for Contacts


Implements iOS & Android In-App Purchases API. Includes Receipt Validation

Cloud Services

Implements iCloud and Saved Games on iOS & Android respectively.

Game Services

Implements Game Center and Google Play Services on iOS & Android respectively.

Media Library

Provides access to Gallery, Camera, Plays Video from Youtube or any other url.

Network Connectivity

Notifies when network reachability changes.

Notification Service

Provides Local and Remote Push notifications. Supports OneSignal service.

Rate My App

Shows an in-built alert dialog for Rating your app\/game.


Share your content through Email, SMS, Whats-app, Facebook & Twitter

Twitter SDK

Easy access to Fabric's Twitter SDK.

UI Dialogs

Show custom native dialogs such as single alert or login alert dialogs.


Show webview inside unity and communicate with it.

Add-on Services

Inbuilt Soomla Grow support. OneSignal for Notifications

Platforms Supported


OS Version


9.0 & Above - XCode 9.0 & Up


2.3 & Above


Unified API design.

Hassle-free installation.

Simulates feature behaviour on Editor.

Auto-generates Android Manifest file.

Selective inclusion of feature files.

Full source code is included.


Forum & Support | API Documentation | LITE Version

Supported 3rd Party Plugins:

  • Simple IAP System

  • Soomla Grow Analytics Service

  • One Signal Notification Service

  • Play Maker


  • Plugin doesn't include Facebook SDK.

  • In-app billing on Android uses Google In-App billing version 3.

  • On Android, hardware flag needs to be enabled for playing video.

  • Simulation of Twitter and WebView features are not supported in Unity Editor.